KS2 Results - Issue with download file - Update 08/07/2022

22. 07. 06
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It has been discovered that there is an issue when downloading KS2 results from the Primary Assessment Gateway website as the DfE filename format appears to be incorrect. Please see the following information that has been published on the ESS SIMS website:


ESS Guidance:

You should not rename a CTF file yourself.

It appears the DFE have incorrectly named the Files which is why it does not appear for import or will not import.

The file name should be DfENumber_KS2_DfENumber. We do not recommend changing this yourself as the file can become corrupt.

You need to contact the DFE and request a new file with the correct name.

Communication from the ESS SIMS 7 Product Manager:


Good Afternoon,

I have reached out to our contacts at the DfE surrounding the reported issues with the file header / supplier tags above, who have assured me this is currently being investigated and is not local to SIMS itself. As soon as further information has been made available I will be sure to keep this thread updated.

Many thanks,


Good Morning All,

Unfortunately there has been no further update provided by our contacts at the DfE as yet, although I can assure you I am still chasing this and will update as soon as I have further information.

Many thanks,

Update 07/07/2022

Please see below update published on the ESS SIMS website this morning:

07/07/2022 at 10:00 - Issues Importing Key Stage 2 Results

We have been made aware of a number of issues importing the Key Stage 2 results obtained from the Pupil Assessment Gateway into SIMS. The issues that have been raised surround but are not limited to; incorrect filenames, CTF version numbers and incorrect content within the downloaded files. We are currently liaising with colleagues at the DfE and Pupil Assessment Gateway to understand when there will likely be a resolution to these issues. We are aware in some cases users have amended the filenames themselves to import, this is not a process we would recommend due to the potential of corrupting the file itself.   

Update 08/07/2022

Please see below update issued yesterday afternoon by the ESS SIMS7 Product Manager:

Good afternoon all,

Further to our requests for a solution from the DfE & Pupil Assessment Gateway to resolve the current Key Stage 2 file import issues, we understand that they are currently testing and verifying a potential fix before communicating out to schools. As soon as we hear more we will let you know. In the meantime our advice remains to wait for this solution to become available.