School Census Spring 2020 Return - Known Issue: Query 1849

20. 01. 15
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Please see below, advice emailed to schools in relation to Validation Query 1849 which is a known issue on the School Census Spring 2020 return:

Dear Colleague

This is to advise that the incorrect generation of Validation Query 1849 – Please check: Pupil aged 3 or 4 eligible for early years pupil premium and recorded as post looked after arrangements would be expected to have reason ‘EO’ or ‘EB’ is a known issue with the school census spring 2020 return. 

Fileset 1404 is due to be released imminently to resolve the incorrect generation of this query, however, Capita have provided the following explanation/advice:

“Unfortunately, the DFE did not fully correct validation query 1849 in version 1.2 of its validation file, which we made available via Fileset 1403.  However, the DFE has provided version 1.3 of its validation to complete the correction of query 1849.  This gives two ways forward for schools who are receiving the query after applying fileset 1403.

  1. They can ignore the query on the grounds that it will not occur when their return is uploaded to COLLECT.
  2. They can wait for Fileset 1404, which includes version 1.3 of the DfE validation, to be made available.”

At this late stage schools can choose either option but will still need to create a new census return on Thursday 16th January.

In the meantime, we plan to deploy this new fileset to all our schools as soon as it is available.

Best regards

SimsforSchools Support Team